Who we are

Based upon Permaculture Principles and Ethics, The Yarn Tree will be a farm located in an urban Central Coast area where people can come to learn how to grow their own produce, purchase low cost, and at times even free, organic fruit and veggies.  A large range of sustainability related courses will be on offer, a list and description of which appears in the Product Section of this plan. Our purpose is to ensure food security for all people but with a specific focus and bias toward those on low incomes.


The Yarn Tree’s mission is to teach and promote the ethics and principles of permaculture in order to provide food security for the people of the Central Coast; in particular people on low incomes.  The Yarn Tree will help people feed their souls, feed themselves and their families, and change the world.

The Yarn Tree has had various stages of development of the past 10 years of dreaming, planning and researching.  What started off as a idea for a missional cafe in Long Jetty has now become a Permaculture farm learning and demonstration site to be located in Bateau Bay on the NSW Central Coast.  The one and a half acre block, located on Debra Anne Dr will be leased from Wyong Council.


There are three phases to the establishment of The Yarn Tree.  Phase 1 is small scale start on land located to the side of a car park at the Bateau Bay Anglican Church.  A Work for the Soul (Liberal governments call this Work for the Dole – we don’t like that idea!) project with 10 participants will help set up a road side herb and fruit tree garden showcasing Permaculture techniques such as ‘guilds’, worm towers, organic pest management utilising insect hotels and insect predating animal shelters (Lizard, spiders etc) such as rocks, logs, tree stumps.

Phase 2 sees the launch of a partnership with Brooke Avenue Public School and the extension of an already existing vegetable garden at the back of the school.  Free vegetable growing seminars for kids and their parents will be a regular part of this partnership. The introduction of chickens will not only provide eggs and fertiliser, but will mean we can showcase the use of chickens in turning over beds at the end of each season or crop rotation cycle.


Pase 3 will see us finally at The Cottage Community Centre in Bateau Bay where all of or plans and dreams for an urban permaculture farm will come to fruition.